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Blame it on the years Lying in the dark I can feel the air turn coldI’ve seen it in your eyes I’ve seen it in your soulAlways leaves a mark to remind us as...
07/04/19 07:59:20PM @the-london-project:
Fantastic tune that does not disappoint. I was anticipating a killer bridge and once again Atlantica does not disappoint! Notes are chosen very carefully and are not wasted. .... where's the replay button?! Ahhh. there we go! lol
05/22/19 05:49:09PM @alex-campo:
AWESOME. Great, melodic song. What a treat!
05/07/19 01:17:12PM @avmo:
Easily the best song in their current cannon. Cinematic, beautiful singing, fantastic orchestration and a great solo to top it all off. Lovely, lovely song!!
05/02/19 09:12:12PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Outstanding tune, guys! This one is very theatrical! WOW!
04/30/19 10:42:08PM @moequinn:
This is wonderful Chris & Ron ~ I love all of Atlantica ~ this is superb ~ OMG! you take my breath away & have my undivided attention ~
what can I say not being a musician ~ my comments will not be technical in nature ~ but, I do love how the music gains power & force throughout
I just love your music - every track has truly pleased me

04/30/19 05:19:35PM @chris-moore:
Wow, that is some reception after all this time! Thanks so much everyone for your comments - and for listening too 😀 Been a bit of a break since the last one, but all good things come to he who waits and this show is back on the road!
Gary Dabrowski
04/30/19 12:55:21PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds 'pretty darn good' to me...Bravo!
Farrell Jackson
04/30/19 10:22:27AM @farrell-jackson:
ATLANTICA (Ron and Chris) has hit the high bench mark once again! Nice work here fellas! Cool tone and playing on the solo Ron and Chris' vocals/lyric are a standout here!
04/30/19 08:03:04AM @atlantica:
Thank you all for the wonderful comments and support... they are greatly appreciated. We look forward to continue creating more music and sharing with our awesome friends!!
sly puppy
04/30/19 04:41:09AM @emocion:
So I listened to this track on my iPhone speaker now that was a mistake missed out on all the grandeur.
So I came back for a second listen with some decent headphones.
What a difference True stereo makes !!
It’s a big scale sound coming through ..
Musically it’s obviously top class work the subtle arrangement that ebbs and flows power coming in only when it’s required too add something extra. The power guitar chords are placed great in this mix just behind the chord passages of choral strings and piano. The lead moment happens but it is again laid into the track rather than on top of it which makes the whole thing sound refined.

Lyrically this one hits a certain mark there’s a real truth behind those words.

Great work gentlemen again you have woven a wonderful track together which really is not a surprise


carol sue
04/29/19 07:35:04PM @carol-sue:
Bravo!! *****
Welcome back, Atlantica! :)

04/29/19 05:19:41PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Really Great Song! Bravo !!
04/29/19 03:31:41PM @ronbowes:
Another excellent song from what I am sure will be a successful album.
04/29/19 02:46:13PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful work as always gentlemen.
04/29/19 01:53:23PM @anubis37:
Really emotive track with great lyrics and playing! Just what we've come to expect from ATLANTICA!
tony cee
04/29/19 01:11:16PM @tony-cee:
nice track , love the backing , superb vocal harmony , thumbs up from ,me .......tony cee
04/29/19 12:28:23PM @gary-hart:
Well...Finally a new Atlantica track!! Well worth the wait...Chris sounds the harmonies!that's what I talking! Very cool keys and stellar guitars Ron! Love the heavier rythems in this one! Fantastic track! Mark this up as my second favorite as out in the cold is still amazing and my go to track!!


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