Morning Silence In New Jersey

album: 10
genre: Pop Rock
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Morning Silence In New Jersey  From The Album '10'(Written, Arranged, Engineered And Produced By Bamil Gutiérrez ColladoSacred Healing Songs/...
Morning Silence In New Jersey
Bamil Music
06/10/19 05:27:39AM @bamil:
Thanks so much my Friend @moquinn for your comment 👍
06/09/19 09:26:53PM @moquinn:
very soothing
I lived on Staten Island for 30 years til moved in 1980
so, you know I just had to listen to this
soothes my spirit
thank you

Bamil Music
05/27/19 05:43:00PM @bamil:
Thanks so much my Brother @robert-watson Robert, well appreciated your words!!!
05/24/19 03:15:45PM @robert-watson:
Great song Bamil. You are an excellent musical artist. Well done.
Bamil Music
05/07/19 09:45:10AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Gary for your words. I've visited some of the places you mentioned, specially Edgewater 👍🎸🔊🎶🎵🎶🎶
Gary Dabrowski
05/07/19 08:54:55AM @gary-dabrowski:
nice song Bamil!...I lived in NJ from 3-21 years old...Saddle Brook, Teaneck, Hackensack, Paterson, Edgewater (not far from West NY, I played with a conga player from WNY for a while, Freddie Rodriguez) I had to listen to this one!
Bamil Music
05/05/19 10:28:05AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Carol 🌞🎸🎶🎵🎶🎶
carol sue
05/05/19 10:10:43AM @carol-sue:
Beautiful song!


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