Sun Flower By Elements 119 Featuring BAMIL

album: 3
genre: Jazz
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Arranged, Composed, Engineered And Produced By Bamil Gutiérrez Collado From The Album 'Elements 119 - 3'(Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAP©2019All...
Sun Flower By Elements 119 Featuring BAMIL
Bamil Music
05/30/20 08:25:33PM @bamil:
Thanks so much @moquinn, glad you like the track and could be in any way special for the mood
05/30/20 07:38:58PM @moquinn:
@bamil mellow & soothing ~ lately I am finding a need to soothe my spirit & this does it ~ thank you for all you share

Bamil Music
05/04/20 07:28:25AM @bamil:
Thanks so much @carol-sue Carol for your words, really appreciated 🎶🎶🎶
carol sue
05/04/20 05:03:39AM @carol-sue:
This is so smooth and pretty, Bamil!
A very thoughtful + easy listen. *****
Keep doing what you do, oh, talented one.


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