Dirty Dirty (Dirty Lie)

album: Doors
genre: Pop Rock
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From The Album 'Doors' Dirty Dirty (Dirty Lie)(Written, Arranged, Engineered And Produced By Bamil Gutiérrez ColladoSacred Healing Songs/...
Dirty Dirty (Dirty Lie)
Bamil Music
10/20/20 02:14:40PM @bamil:
Thanks so much @queen-regina for your words, nothing better than spread happiness through music and a message!!!
Queen Regina
10/20/20 01:45:29PM @queen-regina:
Hi Bamil, Cool vibe. As always your music makes me smile.
Bamil Music
09/27/20 02:34:21PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Carol, really appreciated your words. Stay safe and get well
carol sue
09/27/20 10:06:58AM @carol-sue:
Lovin' this vibe.. smooth vocals.. sweet flow, great production.
Congratulations, also, on your magazine feature, Bamil!
So very deserving.

Bravo *****

Bamil Music
09/23/20 11:04:43AM @bamil:
Thanks so much my Bro Shawn 🤟🎸🎶🎵🎶🎶
09/20/20 03:43:05PM @shawn-adam-williams:
Awesome track!


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