I can't wait

album: Grievance
genre: Rock
streams: 34

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I Cant Wait (Verse I) Changes, amazing me, don't know how we made it this far. Was it luck or destiny? Either way here we are. Finding a balance and beating...
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This song is about not being able to spend the time you want with your significant other and waiting on a rainy day just to snuggle and be with each other....
I can't wait
carol sue
03/18/19 10:48:15AM @carol-sue:
Familiar cover image.. I use to design the past Dj promos here and had used this, lol.
Thought I would check out another tune.. loved the 1st one I just heard, as well as this superb sample of another amazing tune! ***** What can I say.. Congratulations!!! :)


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