She’s So Wrong

album: Grievance
genre: Rock
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so when I wrote the music for this, by the way was one of the first drum machine midis I have ever done, I let ex-wife listen to it and she said it was her...
She’s So Wrong
05/07/19 01:54:36AM @papi:
Oh man I love this! The sound you've struck with the vocals give me Alice in Chains vibes...and in rock it doesn't really get any better for me :-) Looking forward to dig through the rest of you stuff. Keep rockin´ freind.
05/03/19 06:31:54AM @billypettit:
Thank you so very much Carol!! You make me smile with your encouraging comments. It’s people like you that keep me writing and make me feel like a rockstar, which is what I’m going to be when I grow up! :)
carol sue
05/03/19 04:58:52AM @carol-sue:
Such an awesome rocker you are. Great tune!!
Interesting read, Billy.. guess we all need the cave at times.


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