Carl Schonbeck
Carl Schonbeck


genre: Psychedelic Rock
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Claustrophobia   Your love is like a subway line You're squeezing me front, next to and behind Demands crowding in from every side Till I'm just about to...
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Driving number very much in the Hendrix, Zep Classic Rock style but I hope with a few surprises as well. The lyrics speak of feeling trapped and dominated...
Carl Schonbeck
03/02/15 04:49:23PM @carl-schonbeck:
Thanks a lot Doug, really appreciate the comment and you listening. Hope it was a good trip, ha ha ;-) Cheers, cs
Carl Schonbeck
02/27/15 01:28:00PM @carl-schonbeck:
Man, I'm so knocked out to hear these comments :-) Beaucoup thanks Farrell, I love your stuff and to hear that you like the new one means a lot to me. Thanks for ghetting in touch! cs
Farrell Jackson
02/27/15 10:38:00AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah I can hear the Hendrix influence on the opening guitar chords... not that it sounds like it but the style reminds me of Cross Town Traffic. I'm a classic rock junkie, it's engrained in my soul so no matter what I write or produce it has that classic rock sound...which is what I like about this one. Nice work on this Carl!
Carl Schonbeck
02/27/15 08:40:20AM @carl-schonbeck:
Thanks so much Gene, really appreciate the compliments man. The other guys I forgot to mention were Steppenwolf, haha....the "spread it out now baby" part is pure Step. Glad you're digging it! Best, cs
02/27/15 01:02:11AM @gene-smith:
Actually, you mentioned Hendrix and Zep, I also hear more Trower and Bad Company. this is a kickin' track right here!


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