Carmella Inchierchiera
Carmella Inchierchiera

Mirror Mirror

album: Songwriters Two
genre: Rock Classic
streams: 41

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Mirror Mirror  Performed + Produced by Nelson Blanchard Written by Carmella inchierchiera  Mirror Mirror was awarded the Rock/ClassicRock Song of the Year at...
Mirror Mirror
Carmella Inchierchiera + Nelson Blanchard
09/27/17 08:32:38PM @carmella-inchierchiera:
Thank you so very much Doug + Farrell..
Keep Your Golden Pens- Up my Friends..

Doug Dickens
09/26/17 04:16:44PM @doug-dickens:
You two never fail to amaze me. Great song!
Farrell Jackson
09/26/17 10:10:17AM @farrell-jackson:
A real rocker Carmella!



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