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carol sue
carol sue

All in time~ (ft. Josephrodz)

genre: ballad
streams: 35

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One of the first song I had ever written... Many years later, Joseph Rodriguez had added his talents in redoing  the music and production.  Hope you enjoy!...
All in time~ (ft. Josephrodz)
carol sue
08/25/17 01:48:04PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much Maya Farrell and Lodato! :)
...and another thank you, of course, to Joseph for working with me in this song, and many!

08/25/17 01:13:21PM @lodato:
A sweet tune. I can see why the relationship you have with Joseph is so filled with music.
Farrell Jackson
08/24/17 11:09:18AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the tender innocence of your vocal style here Carol Sue! An excellent song for one of your firsts. Joseph's acoustic playing and production is as good as ever. Nice one!



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