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Rhythm & Blues Queen (Joseph + Carol Sue)

genre: R + B
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  Song Lyrics
Rhythm & Blues Queen Uh, hmmm. I grabbed my keys, put on a jacket I got my faded blue jeans my mind is made up, I've gotten fed up I'm tired of this...
  Song Information
2001-2006 Words & music by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.   2009 Production and all instruments performed by Joseph Rodriguez!
Rhythm & Blues Queen (Joseph + Carol Sue)
07/31/18 08:41:19AM @ronbowes:
Nice slice of jazzy blues Kirkpatrick :-)
12/31/17 04:51:33PM @ms-p:
Carol. I don't usually get into R&B as I listen to new muzik,
however, LOL, I had to give thisn' a gander and am glad I did.
This is such a kewl song.


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