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Intimate ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf

album: Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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  Song Lyrics
"Intimate"  To be close to you is like a dream come true  When you whisper in my ear   All the love my dear...  Be my Valentine - send me all of your love....
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Mike Kohlgraf and I.. have known each other for about 10 years now~ We finally made a song together!  Mike, thank you for allowing me to write and sing to...
Intimate ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf
carol sue
02/20/19 08:20:23AM @carol-sue:
Thank you very much and I'll try to stop by your music page soon!
Have a blessed day!

02/14/19 11:37:30AM @tony-william:
I've Reviewed this gorgeous piece on Soundclick and added it to my Station. Just played it again today on Soundclick. If I have my way it will stay in the Top 10 Jazz Chart for a long time! Meaningful and superbly delivered vocals plus an intro and backing that's out of this world. What more can I say . . . MikeK and Carol Sue at their very very best. Tony.
carol sue
02/11/19 07:13:47AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much!!
Enjoyed listening to your music as well!
I'm happy you stopped by too, Phillip :)


02/10/19 12:32:31PM @phillipfoxley:
Very smooth track with a great 'close' production. Really glad I stopped by. Excellent.
carol sue
02/07/19 12:12:13PM @carol-sue:
So happy to see you sharing your music here, Eric (and all of you~ I enjoy listening, and sharing our thoughts about the music shared on this terrific site for indie artists! Blessings!!)
Lovely review, thank you very much! @bad-love-junkie (and all of you,lol) ;)

::waves:: @mike-kohlgraf :)

02/06/19 03:46:31PM @bad-love-junkie:
mmm nice chilled track Carol Sue. Very intimate vocals on this one. Perfect timing for tender love song :) Right time of the year. Love the sax! Nice touch. Thanks for dropping by my page :) I really appreciate the time and comment

carol sue
02/06/19 09:19:55AM @carol-sue:
@david-c-deal - Never had a review like yours, but I like it, lol.
Thank you, spacebud! :)

Thank you all very much for your kind visits, happy you enjoyed this song! 😎

@mike-kohlgraf ~you're wonderful!
Sure enjoyed making this tune with you, thanks again!

02/05/19 09:39:30PM @gary-hart:
Wow...wonderful track by the two of you!! Very clean and we'll done music Mike K and Awesome job on the vocals Carol Sue! Cool groove and listen!! Enjoyed! Thank you for sharing this track!! 👍
02/05/19 06:13:37PM @ronbowes:
Cool laid back track. Great vox Kirkpatrick and nice 'n' mellow music from Mike.
Frank Northcutt
02/05/19 04:05:09PM @frank-northcutt:
Smooth and sensual, Carol Sue. Your voice sounds great on this, and Mike's music is a perfect foundation.
tony cee
02/05/19 01:38:29PM @tony-cee:
great sexy tune, love the chord changes, your voice is spot on carol-sue, super sax , love it …..tony cee
02/05/19 12:54:41PM @david-c-deal:
Sweet, sexy and beautiful. Two wonderful musicians making musical love together.
carol sue
02/05/19 11:34:57AM @carol-sue:
@lorne-reid ~ Thank you kindly!
02/05/19 11:15:51AM @lorne-reid:
Nice job both of you! Great style for you Carol and excellent music Mike!!


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