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Shine the light - ft. Lorne Reid

album: Collaborations
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  Song Lyrics
SHINE THE LIGHT  Get it right, love this life, win the fight.. (shine a light on the dark side)   Win the fight.. We all have a dark side...    Shine the...
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Cancer is the bitch. Shine the light on the dark side.  Music + production by Lorne Reid.  Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.  
Shine the light - ft. Lorne Reid
carol sue
12/24/19 04:33:18PM @carol-sue:
Thank you so very much! @ronbowes :)
Seeing a lot of new tracks which are bound to be great.. I hope to be back soon to enjoy them.
Merry Christmas to you and all.. with the best of wishes for the new year!

Thanks again for sharing your great music with me on this tune!

12/15/19 08:38:42AM @ronbowes:
Top drawer track you two. Kudos! Keep 'em coming.


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