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Come to me ~© 2009~ ft. Bilbozo + Slap Johnson

album: Collaborations
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  Song Lyrics
"Come To Me"Feel your pain, hear your whispers. Close my eyes, and fall to sleep.In this dream there's no pain There is only love and no deceit.You come to...
  Song Information
©2009 Music & production by Bill Smith (Bilbozo) Sax - Slap Johnson.   Lyrics & vocal by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.
Come to me ~© 2009~ ft. Bilbozo + Slap Johnson
carol sue
09/18/20 07:54:07AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for visiting, @josephrodz + @tlt50 You guys are AwoooOoooSome! **********
Kudos @bilbozo - you always create great music + I look forward to more.
Let's not take so long to do another tune, lol! :) ::keep well::stay blessed::

09/17/20 01:15:52AM @tlt50:
Exceptional.......your vocals are out front and awesome, Superb collab....
09/15/20 08:00:08PM @josephrodz:
Where did you have this gem with such a good sound and rhythm?
keep making music like this with bilbozo

carol sue
09/13/20 06:12:10PM @carol-sue:
lol@ronbowes, thanks so much, partner! ;)
09/13/20 08:48:43AM @ronbowes:
FabClab!! Excellent musicianship, great vocals and all round great song! Stevie Nicks pfft - Ya got her covered ;-)


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