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Only If I Could ~version 3~ featuring Steve Kinghorn

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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"ONLY IF I COULD"  Every day I pray for the right things to say.   every day I pray for you.    Time and time again can't seem to catch my breathe.     I'm...
Only If I Could ~version 3~ featuring Steve Kinghorn
10/22/20 03:51:36PM @thedicklayman:
Great lyrics that read like poetry. Passionate vocals I like how it starts off soft and delicate then morphs into something completely different when the guitars come in. Excellent solo! Really enjoyed

carol sue
10/19/20 08:07:19AM @carol-sue:
This was a song I had wrote back in 2003 when my mother took ill.
Through the years, different versions of this song have been created.
Not sure if I can sing this high anymore, lol.

I think Steve had done a very fine recreation of the music, back in 2014.
So happy for your visits @josephrodz + @ronbowes ~ Thank you so much!

10/18/20 12:51:37PM @ronbowes:
Super vocals Carol Sue. Go girl. Cool job on the music by Steve. ;-)
10/18/20 11:29:12AM @josephrodz:
Nice music work and great lyrics, your voice sounds great too.


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