Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Hidden Island

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Instrumental
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Hidden Island
01/01/18 01:10:48PM @ms-p:
Corrado, I do apologize for the double commenting. I messed up my first account, by accident. I forgot the password I used to create the new account so I just redid another account and wrote the password down this time...LOL...
I love this song. Very uplifting and dreamy all at the same time. I listened to it for the second time and yes..I still love it..wonderful.

12/25/17 09:25:49AM @msp:
I'm gonna leave this post then visit your page and give a gander and the rest of your muzik.
I'm enjoying this one as I type.


Gary Shukoski
02/25/17 01:18:45AM @gary-shukoski:
Diggin the ambience here! Very relaxing.
08/19/15 05:06:47PM @mosesjones:
Nice Song. Loved It!!
02/08/09 01:14:35PM @jdk:
Corrado- analog heaven here. very melodic and powerful. superb key changes. great work as usual. awesome.


06/09/09 07:33:43PM @vesa:
This is so wonderful - a unique sound, haven't heard you play an electronic piece for awhile; has a neat melodic and swirls 'round my mind sensaation. Feels like it could go on and never tire of it..floating along, you have altered me over top of the waves of the beautiful warm blue greenish purple water, a misty warmth comes over me. This is so relaxing & easy to just flow in to. Very EXCELLENT Corrado.
-Love it. Your friend. -Vesa.

07/06/08 11:20:51PM @michael-palmieri:
Hello Corrado Rossi,

Glad to once again have the opportunity to listen to your wonderful music, electronic mastery and terrific productions! Your "Hidden Island" is terrific!

all my best,
michael Palmieri

02/26/08 05:37:56PM @self-tort:
Corrado, you are truly on fire. Magical composition. Intriguing rhythm, beautifully textured layers of synth with gorgeous sounds. It all fits together so beautifully. Truly captivating music.
sly puppy
02/25/08 01:36:46PM @emocion:

Read Daces review !no sly review Indeed.

Well here it is then Corrado.

I'd give you one word but this needs more.
Its a divine composition full of sparkling colours and majesty some really incredible playing.
And some intense drum sounds together with visionary expression from the effects / percusion.

Shimmering and tanatalising and just plain brilliant.

This could so easily have vocals over it Corrado,but that said its great just as it is.


Farrell Jackson
02/20/08 11:42:17AM @farrell-jackson:
Corrado, I know this can't be easy to put a song like this together but because it all fits so flawlessly, you make it seem so natural. The Hidden Island is in my view......Excellent piece of music!


01/19/08 09:16:59AM @syntopia-music:
Love this wondrful song, very emotional and a beautiful melody. Great performed. Everytime i hear your fantastic music i dream. Great work.
01/16/08 04:28:09AM @diva:
I love the textures in this song. Very cool use of sounds and stuff. Great song throughout.


01/16/08 02:49:23AM @ab1:
corrado my friend.. you've done it again.. love the toots thielman touch.. a fine catchy beat and a huge sound..
lovely change there in the progression.. great synth textures and harmonies.. the synth lead comes in just right..
what a great jazzy soundscape.. it has just the right harmonic progression.. very evocative and makes me feel a lot
of emotion.. I agree with reaper about the change and the way it builds up again.. good bass sound in there too..
man this brings so many visuals and sounds to mind.. great piece of music my friend.. lovely.. strong.. sweet.. all in one :-)

01/15/08 08:23:53PM @dazed:
fantastic! love the soft keys in the distance. beautiful piece.
01/15/08 04:56:50PM @saitkoray:
ohh my god..i am sorry..i reviewed The Magic Carpet but the review is for this tune..i am sorry :(


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