Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Open Sea

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Classical
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One of my newest Piano solos... maybe a bit too romantic Sorry for the wrong genre but don't know what's happened...For other new Piano solos just check my...
Open Sea
02/08/09 01:11:15PM @jdk:
Carrado- absolutley gorgeous composition. bravo


07/06/08 10:49:22AM @ab1:
mio dio that's so beautiful.. ahhh.. speechless.. overcome.. takes my breath away.. oh thank you lord that i could hear music like this.. corrado it is so beautiful.. so inspired.. so inspiring.. tanto agurie e tante gracie.. :-)
07/06/08 07:12:43AM @syngularity:
Dreamy, melancholic, and the whole range of emotions... Corrado Rossi on piano. The start - just the mood - gives me memories of Art of Noise - "Moments in Love". Awesome change to minor around 1 minute, and this is not just a "new age piano" flow - there is rising and falling, like the ocean sea... so this tune with all it's brillant expression details is timeless.
07/06/08 04:14:53AM @mike-lynn:
This is not Christian rock but a very lovely piece of piano music. Great performance and enjoyable. Have downloaded it for further listening. Thanks.
07/05/08 08:21:41PM @saitkoray:
woww..i do love this unique track. To me thought this track must be another genre...becouse of composition of melodies...but this song is wonderful for another genre..when i thougt in classical genre...somethings are missing...for example when i think this unique song in slow popular music genre...this is wonderful pro performed and unique melodies...excellent song..I DO LOVE THIS SONG..and you performence is masterful...thank you my friend for this unique feelings and emotions...(my english is weak, i am sorry for grammer mistakes)


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