Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Like a flower

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Classical
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Another song dedicated to my wife Anna...
Like a flower
03/21/08 05:53:03AM @syngularity:
One of the finest keyboard performers and a great musical friend... Corrado, I'm just happy to find this flowing beauty here. Authentic Piano music belongs to the things in life which we can describe as "little luck" if we are ready to enjoy it. Your musical flower is a gift for the Easter days, brought from you to us.
Ciao, Pascal

sly puppy
03/19/08 07:24:32AM @emocion:
One word


Hope you are well Corrado.

This is delisciousness.


03/19/08 04:28:28AM @ab1:
so glad to hear your piano playing corrado.. lovely.. very classical.. it's got brahms and debussy and more.. a bit of celtic in there too.. after 3 centuries of devine music how could it be otherwise? you have taken the best... made it your own.. and this is a totally beautiful example of that.. a pleasure to know you and to hear your music corrado.. peace..
03/18/08 08:19:33PM @self-tort:
Corrado, this is just an absolutely beautiful piece of music. Superbly melodic with magnificent technique and feel. It's unbelievable the amount of passion you can extract from the piano. Loved the little cameo section that comes in at about 2:30...but loved it all, really.



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