Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Helping hand

album: Corrado Rossi
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It's a terrible period for my country...   Just wanted to dedicate to all the people who died during the earthquake and the ones that are suffering this...
Helping hand
04/10/09 03:10:12PM @vesa:
This is a very beautiful piece with alot of meaningful touches on the keys with your fingertips, reflecting on the tragic events. A tranquil feeling - a diacotomy of what the theme involves. However with this wonderful arrangement, you set a mood of peace, to transgress from the terrible situation. A solemn sound so rich and peaceful is simply what is said here. Most EXCELLENT Corrado. -Take care. You shared a very lovely feeling. Thank you.
-Your friend -Vesa.

04/10/09 06:04:36AM @mark-reed:
I never cease to be amazed at the power of music to bring out the best in the human spirit. This piece shows that. Incredible piece born out of bad times. Very well done
04/09/09 02:32:08AM @amy-caldwell:
Absolutely gorgeous, I have a weakness for the piano, and this is such a beautiful melody and very emotionally played. The string are a nice backdrop and the percussion bits are subtle, perfectly placed. Elegantly beautiful.
04/08/09 06:37:52PM @king-cake:
Beautiful, it really pulled me in. Very visual introspective. It tells a sweet sad story.....Bravo
04/08/09 04:52:31PM @slowmarchingband:
Darn it Corrado!! You produce some excellent music friend! A tribute indeed to those unfortunate victims of a terrible disaster. The sadness in this song reflects that. Beautifully played and from the heart...

Larry / SMB

04/10/09 08:24:08AM @self-tort:
Seems that tragedies are spreading themselves all over the globe at the moment. Which means that it really takes something special for us to focus on particular events because the media and we have very short memory spans.

Fortunately, there are people like Corrado who can create a silver lining for a very black cloud. Beautiful work, Corrado. You have such a wonderful sense of melody and harmony. And your touch.... exquisite.




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