I Feel Love

album: Digital-J
genre: Dance
streams: 64

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This track was inspired by the feeling of having good friends and people who stuck by me from day one and new friends i have made. it's difficult to find...
I Feel Love
10/13/10 04:30:52PM @dave-meredith:
Hello Nice to meet you.. After hearing some rock for the last two reviews, it was nice to catch some dance based music...

Backing music has a cool bassline and nice synths... cool breaks and the vocals is really good, sits perfect for this track that you have constructed... The music seems to fight between having an 80s feel and a more modern techno feel?... One of two of the kick breaks were just a touch loud in the mix... If this is your singing and not vocal samples then you have a very sweet vocal for this musid, dreamy and nice tone...

Thank you for sharing


10/14/10 01:42:57AM @gary-reed:
Another one! You're a machine. Love the tight, clean engineering work. Found myself dancing alone in my studio -- a little weird but I blame it on you.


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