Give It All To You

album: Out Of Time
genre: Electronic
streams: 67

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When you give 100% to someone, and it ends up unhappy. You ask yourself. Is it really worth it in the end?
Give It All To You
04/19/16 04:52:43PM @vig-wig:
This is the most listenable thing I have heard (well, at least since last week). It is crank it up, turn up the bass, irritate the driver in the next car, run your wife out the door infinitely danceable track. Boom Boom Boom Boom yeah get behind me, dance the Digital-J, hands up, feet out, eyes bugged . . . . . . .

Farrell Jackson
04/10/16 11:35:06AM @farrell-jackson:
It's very cool to hear your music with vocals Digital-J! The music is always good but with the added vocals I think it expands your musical reach. Nice!



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