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Village Near River

album: To be announced soon
genre: Native US
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Village Near River - A vision near the river.
Village Near River
01/08/12 10:00:16AM @dolce:
Listened to this one last night on Prime Cuts. Incredibly tranquil tune that takes the listener along for a ride.


01/07/12 07:30:53PM @lucindra:
At first listen I was taken in by the soothing and calming effect of the flute melody......then as that steady bass drum started to become more noticed in my mix......I was reminded of a thought of being at a ceremonial funeral march......Nice Chill zone tune.....
03/03/12 09:39:50PM @vesa:
I love and thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of 'Village Near River' with the haunting suspensful hissing, drum beats, crickets, water animals, which your music has brought fascinating visions. I feel a jungle and maybe a fire sizzling. The contrast is great with the flute seeming to calm the night as it flows so well.
Great production. This is a fave. Excellent. ~ Vesa :)


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