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Vibration of Love

album: The Bundle
genre: Ambient
streams: 470

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Native American Flute and Keyboard
Vibration of Love
01/15/10 10:05:35AM @a-boy-called:
Serenity and peace. All I can say is thank you for giving me a place to feel.
02/25/09 12:22:28AM @piperon:
I felt the tremendous amount of love radiating from this beautiful music that enchanted the heart with passion. A claiming music that is most experience during the mediatation hours, let the mind rest and let the soul heals itself. As always, your native flute is definitely the soul trademark of your music, true and direct to the core of our soul. Beautifully rendered, thanks for sharing. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
02/12/09 08:32:59AM @josephrodz:
Awesome relaxing performance.
Youre a great musician.

01/25/09 10:58:31AM @blue-sahara:
Atmospheric, airy, deep and lush ... are just a few words I found to describe my first impression upon listening to this marvelous, incredible piece of art!
I heard it last night on Mike's show and could not get it out of my head anymore. It's captivating and it's memorable! This is what you look for when writing good music! Arthur, I take off my hat - this is an incredible achievement!

01/19/09 04:19:56AM @david-c-deal:
Arthur, great to hear you on the Mix. Beautiful keywork you've added to your always haunting flute art. Must listen!
David C Deal

01/18/09 11:55:18PM @brian-mattson:
Arthur, It's been awhile since I've heard any of your stuff. This is a beautiful marriage of your flute and excellent keyboard colors. Enjoyable listen.
01/25/09 03:39:39PM @slowmarchingband:
Beautiful, meditative,scenic.... Everything just flows so flawlessly on this tune. It's as if time has slowed down for a few minutes. Well crafted. layered, and played!!
01/26/09 04:55:00PM @vesa:
Very wonderful piece -a calming start, just what I needed on a hectic the slow emerging of sound, space, quiet, & well though through. I always love your serene images on your songs. Neat atmosphere of tranquility created created so the mood, easy laid back synth move sit warmly. I like Heinz's word "captivating"- that it certainly is & says it well, I'm caught in a close listening altered state of meditation -just enjoying the moments of each note comeing through your great flute playing. Wonderful to hear you. Glad you are here and now Earthsongs.
EXCELLENT tune my friend. Love it and into my faves it goes...well worth more listens; a nice change.
-Your amigo & fan. -Vesa.


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