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FD Project

Planet Earth

album: Sky and Stars
genre: Ambient
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Planet Earth
09/10/10 01:28:11PM @zero-2-zero:
Im ever so glad that i stoped by to listen the arrangements are very profesional my friend I liked it so much I just simply had to download it, thanks very much for shareing
stay blessed

05/31/09 12:54:19PM @piperon:
Have not been to Mix lately due to the slow connection of the internet. But when I saw your email, I made this trip and it was rewarding. This space music is very interesting, with all the pads integrating in its own chord. I like the way you progress the chords, very mindful. A big timer masterpiece.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

05/30/09 08:01:37PM @surfnorthwest:
Excellent selection of pads and voices in this production, really had that early Tangerine Dream feel to it.

Although the song hits the mark I cannot help to think that some real drums and hard hitting power chords from the guitar would be well placed thoughout the track to give it some power.

The lead at 4:48 really drove the song home, nice tone selection!


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