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Mandarinentraum (the dream goes on)

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Here now the second part from my "Mandarinentraum (Tangerine Dream)".....with love from germany......Frank
Mandarinentraum (the dream goes on)
09/06/10 04:12:29PM @zero-2-zero:
I do love the intro gets the imagination running straight away.
Im so impressed with your talents and the depth it brings us
total class act my friend

10/30/09 08:43:53PM @schule-der-nacht:
Magnificent soundscape developed here. Gently plodding towards a fruity dream with swathes of tonality to entwine you. Fruchtbar Reise. ftlpope
10/30/09 05:14:46PM @bigpete:
another great mix of ambient electronic music and great electric guitar, superb production and performance.
10/31/09 07:16:23AM @gary-hart:
Solid FD...ambients are wicked here! Really cool lead guitar approach as well...Enjoyed the listening Indeed even though it was super long! Great job dude!! -Gary-


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