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One moment in my life.....
Warrioth  and Rowley
03/17/21 11:45:53AM @warrioth-rowley:
We both think this song is very beautiful.
10/20/18 09:59:15PM @moquinn:
heard this song "Desire" tonight with OTTO at the helm ~ no Mix show due to tech difficulties ~ this is beautiful ~ love it ~ gonna go buy it right now (9 years later & still grabs the listener's attention)
06/04/10 04:10:15AM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
Love this tune, excelent guitars and melody is awsome.

10/23/09 04:12:22AM @bobritsky:
Thanx for the song - nice feeling inside. Could be a theme for some film.
09/28/09 11:06:04PM @franknbass:
This song is beautiful. It has a haunting melody that I found myself humming. Nice guitar tone and good production. A pleasure to listen.

Frank Henderson

09/23/09 08:24:06AM @piperon:
This little gem of yours sound so familiar in the melody path. Despite the downturn of the economic, your passion for beautiful music is always so substained. Always producing the fullest plegde of music that takes you with a load of trottle.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

09/23/09 08:16:54AM @mel:
Hi Frank, such a moving sound with the piano and that utterly beautiful violin. The guitar is gentle and wonderfully played. Just love the mixture of sounds here in Desire as they build slowly. I think this one comes from your heart, I could write to this for sure! One of my faves of the day. Thank you. Melsi
09/20/09 05:31:51PM @surfnorthwest:
Brilliant piece of music, I can appreciate the mind of what it takes to put this together. Great selection of pads and instruments to color the song. The song waits and blossoms throughout. Enjoyed it very much.
Farrell Jackson
09/20/09 02:42:58PM @farrell-jackson:
Most beautiful song Frank! I like the way it builds to the end and then mellows back. Excellent composition and playing! It's great to hear new music from you. Enjoyed the listen!


Incarnate Word
09/20/09 01:44:57PM @incarnate-word:
1st impressions are usually correct. there is no exception to the rule. this song is truly beautiful. I love the melody gently and strong, very powerful arrangement. I love the way this one builds and layers. I do belive this is going to be a favorite of mine for some time to come, this is excellent. Thank You.
09/20/09 01:56:56PM @gary-hart:
Awesome Bro! This is really good work dude! Love those keys going on and your guitar playing rocks! Really enjoyed listening to this one! Rock on! -Gary-
Rob Grant
09/20/09 02:21:00PM @rayon-vert:
Very nice piece of music, with a celtic feel. This has vibes of Camel, one of my all-time faces......and the guitar hauntingly reminds me of Andy's tasteful and emotional style. An excellent listen and I much appreciate the download.



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