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June Feelings 2009

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genre: Instrumental Rock
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Sunday.....June....Moments.....feelings....no words...only the heart...take 5 minutes to dream with me....
June Feelings 2009
07/20/09 04:14:07PM @megan-carnes:
This is absolutely beautiful! Wow! A great composition.
Lyrical Princess
06/29/09 05:15:10PM @lyrical-princess:
WOW!! What a great song.. And just when i needed it the most too.. It gave me a little while to just close my eyes and relax.. Fantastic Instrumental!! Thank You for sharing.. I really enjoyed it..

All The Best :)

06/29/09 04:27:00PM @eirik-finbak:
Wonderfull sound and a piecefull entry
06/29/09 03:25:02PM @bluesydude:
A very nice musical journey.
Sky Voltage
01/17/11 04:28:57AM @ron-gallagher:
Gorgeous Vibe, Beautiful Spirit.
Incarnate Word
09/20/09 01:53:36PM @incarnate-word:
I love how this one takes you away and you drift onto other plains and then bring you back to the begining of it all. very nicley done. 5 star


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