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Time to Remember (Demo)

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Back to the roots...first song with Reason Record
Time to Remember (Demo)
06/04/10 03:56:37AM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
excelent production and great ideas.

03/03/10 09:50:43AM @piperon:
I like the idea of using the bell tone in a song, it brings kind of sensation if you like serene music. This track has the element of divinity passion altogether full packed trottle with a sense of futuristic mix. Well done, my friend.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

Farrell Jackson
02/24/10 10:30:15AM @farrell-jackson:
Nice electro mix Frank. The repeating harmony guitar riff is trance inducing but pulls me out of it when you begin to add the additional scales. Very relaxing and easy on the ears. It fits with the rainy day here. Enjoyed it.


Mista Perez
02/24/10 07:27:05AM @mista-perez:
This is prime work. For a demo this is crystal clear. Every build up and transition sits just right. You have taken 80's chord progression and gave them new life in 2010. Excellent work. I can't wait to hear more. Sincerely, Mista Perez
02/24/10 07:29:52AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Well this is pleasant enough but it is not in another universe compared to the other electronic material on Mix but the number of listens would suggest otherwise. For all those who listen to this try the other excellent electronic material here. This does not sound like a demo, clear professional recording for a tune that builds around an ambient 4 chord sequence and it is quite engaging. ftlpope
03/29/11 09:20:55PM @piu-grave:
Nice, I really like the feel to this. Really cool intro.


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