Gratuitous Choice

album: n/a
genre: punk
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  Song Lyrics
Some things are blackSome things are whiteSome things just shade into twilight Some people loveSome people hateSome people healAnd some are grievingSlowly...
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A revision of an old metal song-rawer
Gratuitous Choice
The Gigglefits
10/14/21 07:21:37PM @the-gigglefits:
Killer new track Al this is my new favorite
10/13/21 06:26:27PM @wricky:
man, great energy throughout , has that "let me break a coffee table or something" power and a killer git solo that will probably lead to a refret one day , sparks and wires man , you got it going on
Gary Dabrowski
10/13/21 03:16:59PM @gary-dabrowski:
good rocker here Al...esp liked the intro, and that guitar sole was a pleasant surprise!
Farrell Jackson
10/13/21 10:20:32AM @farrell-jackson:
I agree with Shane's comment about an early David Bowie vibe here. That was my initial thought on hearing the first verse. Yes this is punkish and enjoyable. Some good words, vox and guitar Al.
10/13/21 04:37:22AM @shane:
Nice fun punk energy here. Your sound and style here also recalls some early Bowie stuff i've heard (Spiders from Mars). Fun ideas in the lyrics.


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