Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt

Catfish Stew (Keener)

album: The next one
genre: Blues
streams: 41

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A little bayou blues tune written by my friend Richard Keener. He was kind enough to let me cover it, so I decided to give it a bit of a Chicago feel. I'm no...
Catfish Stew (Keener)
Frank Northcutt
01/26/19 05:18:55PM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you Ron and Tony. I appreciate the kind words.
tony cee
01/26/19 04:34:49PM @tony-cee:
super uplifting tune ,love the lyrics,......cheers ,,......tony cee
01/26/19 10:12:28AM @ronbowes:
Nice slice of jazzy blues!
Frank Northcutt
01/26/19 08:49:27AM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Axxmann! I appreciate it.
Frank Northcutt
01/25/19 08:41:57PM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Larry! I appreciate the kind words.
01/25/19 05:21:09PM @tlt50:
Well done, Frank! A sweet blues groove with some great vibes. All your instrumentation is excellent. Thanks for sharing your music, my friend.

Larry T.

01/25/19 03:27:47PM @axxmann:
Frank Northcutt
01/25/19 12:52:07PM @frank-northcutt:
Thanks, Farrell. I appreciate it. I don't have a 'blues voice' but it was fun anyway.
Farrell Jackson
01/25/19 11:58:04AM @farrell-jackson:
A real fun and lighthearted Chicago blues Frank! I like it all...vocal, guitar, piano, sax and horns are in the groove. Nice Keener cover!


Frank Northcutt
01/25/19 08:05:41AM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you very much, Marc! I appreciate it.
01/25/19 06:29:45AM @marc-morlock:
….I feel like a very happy "Catfish" & I love it !! A great Chicago Feel ! Warme groetjes uit Antwerpen


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