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Freudian Slip
Freudian Slip

What You Want To Be

album: It's A Beautiful World by Freudian Slip
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 87

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You can take your beliefs and twist them how you want Pray to any God you like if you think that it will help The violence in the streets comes home to...
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Another track from the upcoming Freudian Slip album. A bit of a change of style as I thought it needed a tempo change. Written by me and, as usual, the magic...
What You Want To Be
Douglas Steven Luna
04/17/19 07:33:21PM @douglasluna:
I agree with @carol-sue Very Nice! I do like the guitar fills and solos.
carol sue
04/06/19 06:13:46AM @carol-sue:
Interesting, catchy song.. held my attention start to finish.
Very nice performances.. great guitar tone, too!
Way to go! *****

Farrell Jackson
04/03/19 09:33:05AM @farrell-jackson:
A good one Bruffie! Some fine lyric and vocals. I like the guitar soloing and fills also...the accapella at the end was a cool touch. Nice work!


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