Gabriel Sabadi
Gabriel Sabadi

Don't Show Me Around - with Chris Georgiou and Peter Tamdog

album: Sabadi and Georgiou
genre: Art Rock
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Don't Show Me Around - with Chris Georgiou and Peter Tamdog
02/17/15 07:03:47AM @robert-smith:
Hi Gabe - this is awesome, just a complete masterpiece.


07/26/12 08:33:12AM @the-autumleaf:
Beautiful composition ...Start was really interesting ,Big production as it builds up....Vocals is really cool ....The song keeps on building up .... excellent guitars and Keys ....superb collab !!!
Jay From The Autumnleaf

05/28/11 12:26:10PM @shane:
This is reminding me of a track bt Queen. Overall , Don't show mw Around is huge. Gabe, it's been a while !
i see that you have tonnes of new material on your site. i hope to explore and listen to your work .

you have an admirable , truly admirable , composer instinct and gift. In this track you are joined with other fellow muso's that i really like. Chris G, and the Tamdog !!.

this track is a big celebration of musicianship and music composition indulgence. ,, and by the way,, thank you for listening to my track.

03/15/11 08:02:29AM @jackson-hart:
Gabriel...and gents!! Stellar opener to this song! Great beats! That acoustic sound is wicked man! Guitars and solo sections are solid! Smooth vocals! You boys can sure create music! Very well done!

Rock on fellas!

11/10/10 02:37:53PM @cooter:
Love the song, Gabriel. It builds so nicely, an emotional crescendo.

Geez, Gabriel, this is a wonderful piece of music, good sir. Everything here is done to such high standards. The musicianship blows me away. The mix and production choices are spot on, to my ears. Vocals are amazing.

What a wonderful tune.


06/13/10 12:43:53PM @russ-deane:
Gabriel... I thoroughly enjoy this song. Great piece of music...A+ work friend!!


04/19/10 04:46:50PM @bugtheroot:
I'm really enjoying this piece. I can't believe you've got over 600 plays and only 19 comments. What a great composition, Gabriel. I love the approach to music you're demonstrating here. I love the fact you are not "rushing" to the chorus as is the tendency these days. I like the leisurely path you are taking to build the song. I can relate to that. There is something very "Roxxy Music" about this piece...maybe a mix between Roxxy, U2, and David Sylvian. OK, at 5:00 you shed any resemblance to Sylvian...I take it all back, it's a very unique style, I can't peg it on anyone. Congrats!

Great vocals, who is that? Is that you? I like the vox, whoever it is.

I only wish you had a real drummer on this, what a difference that would make!

Excellent song at any rate! Lovely chorus, I like the overlapping vocals there.

Paul Oakley
03/17/10 01:45:19PM @paul-oakley:
This is superb. The gradual build all the way through from the acoustic start to the end is so subtle that by the time you reach the end it's difficult to remember it started so quietly. There's a Bowie feel to the vocals, but that gets blown away by the notes at the 5 minute :) Behind it all is the fantastic production... man I'd have loved to have been playing on this!!!



03/13/10 02:12:38PM @digger-stone:
this is great gabe.. really big open sound w/the vox.

the music,production everything is just great! a great listen, a really great song from all.


02/12/11 08:03:41PM @syntopia-music:
Hello Gabriel, one of my alltime fav Indie tracks. you know i played often in my Radio DJ Shows but i have never say how much i like this track. :-)
fantastic arranged and performed. A great joy to listen this tune again.

02/10/10 12:07:40AM @tlt50:
Gabe and friends.....don't know how I missed this. Amazing intro....beautiful musicianship. The build on this track is fascinating........listening and typing.Peter's superb the groove when the killar drums kick in.Lush pads and soundscapes surround the vocals.This is some major kick ass work....Gabe, Ghris and Peter...freakin' outstanding track ...STellar production..I'm blown away AWESOME !!!!
all the best,


02/09/10 11:41:21PM @vesa:
That first chord just hung in there, very clever, it made my head lean forward. Love that fave guitar style ever so much. Neat sounds. Good rhythm starts to give it some spin, very lovely build up. Nice synth sound and a neat bass sound. Great artistry on the keys. Your vocal comes around at a good timing; great range...most fine percussion; nifty changes additions to make for a varied most interesting to keep listening to composition. Like the strings; most DYNAMIC synth work. Dig the fine guitar tone wailing up high, FAB playing,fine overall sound. New genre here. GREAT!
EXCELLENT song. -Fine chemistry. Love the high pitched vocal and it just keeps movin'. SUPERB production.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

01/25/10 08:09:16PM @david-c-deal:
Fantastic song guys. Melodic, powerful, full, interesting. All a person could want. Oh,and those vocals are spectacular.
David c deal

01/23/10 01:11:59PM @charles-lee:
Amazing musicianship. I really like the vocals, there's just so much feeling oozing out of every note. I enjoyed this track a lot!
01/18/10 11:06:20PM @genghisken:
Fabulous intro, and I am a sucker for the intro! Amazing playing, great vocals, professional production! So glad I got to hear this on the ride with Big Pete tonight!
09/04/09 03:41:48AM @david-c-deal:
I almost missed that this was a collab with Chris and Peter. Wow, don't wonder it is so marvelous!
09/04/09 03:40:02AM @david-c-deal:
Like so much of your work, this song has impeccable structure. I find it fascinating to just understand the changes and directions it takes. There's a spot it felt like you were almost going to go into a country dance and then you slide into a deep cosmic reverberation...
You are a true master of music. I am awed at how you are able to play with musical styles like a master chef mixes ingrediants. The outcome is delicious.
David c Deal

09/03/09 10:48:56AM @tcp:
Extended intro reminds me of early Floyd...compelling! Well, Gabe...this song is full of life and emotion. All the elements and timbres come together sweetly in this wonderful atmospheric ride. Excellent array of musicians in a well conceived and written piece. Kudos!! Deserves to be heard ..Blake
09/03/09 08:21:57AM @dazed:
awesome intro to say the least and smooth transition into the tune. Bass line is sweet. Great vocals and some excellent keys. This kind of reminds of another band but I can't think of who. INXS?
Farrell Jackson
09/02/09 07:04:59PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm not sure who played it but great acoustic intro!!!!!!!!!!!!......and then it rolls right into an infectious beat with the right music to keep that infectiousness going! vocals Peter! Now enters Chris' fine guitar and it's coming on strong!
Fine, fine collab. Gabe, Chris, and Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


08/20/10 10:05:22PM @tcp:
Wow....such a wonderfully airy and complete piece here. Everything is working so well. That's really a killer intro..very sensitive and cleanly pulled off. Vocals very entertaining and addictive on the KB canvas. Beautifully done guys....all of you! Bravo Gabe!!! ..B
Luca Wulf
09/17/09 11:19:32AM @huge-artist:
Ah,this is very much in my zone.
Has elements of almost spacerock.
Superb musicianship.
The gentle transformations from segment to the next is superb.
It evolves continually,from latin to space rock,to what one might term as "Single" material.
Who cares what genres it crosses when it's this good.
This is class stuff that SHOULD be playing on every outlet possible.
Excellent work gents,this is solid gold.


Lyrical Princess
07/03/13 06:08:57PM @lyrical-princess:
Hello Gabriel,

This is truly Beautiful.. Everything you do Amazes me.. Always has.. But put the three of you guys together and this just screams "you've got to keep listening to me" .. I can't find the right words for this song.. None that come any closer than (IMO) Perfection!! This totally Wows me... Love it!!

All The Best,
LP/ Linda :)

12/30/09 08:33:08PM @josephrodz:
Great track by some masters.


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