Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

The Driver

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This is a great piece music i was blessed with getting on vocaly.. Thanks Gary, i hope you feel i was able to do it justice.
The Driver
12/22/11 04:09:45AM @digger-stone:
best kept secreat on the Mix right here folks!

over all the years that i have been listening to you play i can honestly say you have progressed the most on the guitar.

your play has allways been steller, but to this degree on this song is smoking hot! this is the shit we love, where i come from.. and that's saying alot! you got chops babe! smokin hot chops! well done!


11/12/11 01:10:43PM @shane:
Hi Gary, i came by to see what trax you've got here these days. i haven't come to your page in a while.

my goodness , as always- your playing is EXCELLENT in precision and clarity. You've got great power over the guitar Gary - hearing this, i'm like blown away.

razor sharp note definition.
innovations with pitch bending and all kinds of exciting rock star decorations in the playing.

09/07/10 04:12:31PM @cooter:
High energy, tight, honest, kickin rock-n-roll! This music carries me away to a very enjoyable place. Great tune and great playing, Gary. Way to go!
07/23/09 08:54:57PM @vesa:
I dig the guitar seeming to mesh with the percussion so that change melodically tempo wise at :45...neat tone on the guitar. Very clever overlapping, nicely tight, good efx./sounds, sizzling away. Lots of ENERGETIC EXPRESSION. Very fine phrases, well thought through. Man the drums are great...pushes the envelop here-drives your playing very well, a great groove it is. Love it Gary. Such a great variation of phrasing,tones,from gentle melodic to edgy cool sounds. DYNAMIC!
GREAT! Love this one...a keeper. Into my faves.
I've heard you so much wiht others in the last while, it was high time I got here. Never too late.
Thanks for the pleasure & inspiration. Kiitos Gary.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

Farrell Jackson
07/12/09 11:23:54AM @farrell-jackson:
Great stuff Gary! YouR versatile guitar style really shines on this one!


07/08/09 10:53:50AM @orion:
great guitar work in this one. i like the dynamic drums throughout the song as well. nicely put together.


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