Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

Gary Carciello - Nigel Potter / Angel Of Destiny

genre: Progressive Rock
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Gary Carciello : Composer,all instruments,mix and mastering. Nigel Potter : Vocals and lyrics.
Gary Carciello - Nigel Potter / Angel Of Destiny
10/25/08 12:09:00PM @jelly:




Rob Grant
04/14/08 10:11:26AM @rayon-vert:
I never even saw this posted.....WOW!!! What an EXCELLENT Surprise! Again, two of my faves joining forces to collab and produce some superb music. gary, I love this side of your writing........very mystical, very pretty and your choice of Nigel is perfect.....'cause no one does it better, when it comes to progessive haunting
Rob ,

03/22/08 04:02:13PM @syngularity:
An absolutely hypnotic, dark work by two masters. Nigel's authentic performance adds another dimension.
sly puppy
03/19/08 06:41:48AM @emocion:
This ones working.
The combination of Mr.Potters voice and the synth from Gary (guessing) is dramatic.

Neat switches on the groovin arp and the exotic pad swells are to die for.

This shows a different side to Nigels voice



KB Bren
03/14/08 01:17:44PM @kb-bren:
Great moody song here guys. Nicely done and anenjoyable listen. Again Great job! KB
03/14/08 09:17:06AM @tcss:
Wow, enjoyed the listen a lot! Great lyrics, really grabs you, nice guitar work, not overdone, but in a perfect dose.

Thanks for sharing!


03/14/08 08:25:15AM @mark-cloutier:
you guys make a great duo! enjoyed much with nigels passionate vocals and cool synth and guitar! rock on gents! mark
03/11/08 01:45:38PM @the-deep:
Various aspects of this compostion catch my attention - have to type leaning on cruthes though,, and have to use my wrong hand so its not easy--

one exhillarating point is where your lead gtr comes in. sheer wonder ,, in terms of sound, simplicity and perfect sublime music. also when you bring in the heavy grunge rythm chords, i was feeling excited. a real good feelgood was comin on there.
I love the beautiful pads !!!

Nigels vocal is so excellently Nigel Potter. his unique and pro sound puts a stamp of ownership on things. a rewarding track to listen to. This whole work also, has the valuable quality of re-listen !!! I believe this track, people can listen and re-listen to , without getting weary of it. Fine creation.
shane for The DEEP

03/11/08 12:28:10AM @tlt50:
From the beginning......this song grabbed me with its soundscape and great rhythmic vibe. Outstanding blend of spaciousness and quality musicianship.Nigel's superb vocal mastery of this type of feel and emotion
filled track is done with his usual skill and expertice. Gary,your guitar work was tasteful and excellently placed.......Bravo......gentleman !!

Larry T......*****

03/10/08 09:17:45PM @steph-klish:
Gary Nigel
Very Cool indeed, what can i say thats not already been said
Kudos on the calab keep on pumping the tunes out.
Steph Klish

03/10/08 12:06:45PM @ab2:
Excellent music and lyrics. Love the expression in both music and vocal. Wow...Brilliant collab here guys...Fantastic backing vocal Nigel, "And I fall"....

Peace n Love Mags xx :-)

03/10/08 09:31:08AM @tcp:
Wonderful treatment of vocals and instruments. The two just melt together so well. Great rhythm guitar and your playing Gary. Adding Nigel into this song was a smart decision. This is a great collab and the styles of you each are very complimentary. Excellent! ~Blake
03/09/08 10:44:18PM @self-tort:
There is so much tension in this track I'm starting to get the shakes. At first listen my initial impression was that Nigel's vocals could have done with some effects on them, but as the track progressed I threw that idea away. There's a real sense of vulnerability in the vocals that along with the incessant momentum of the backing track creates the tension that makes the track so compelling. Excellent collab guys.
The RatMan
03/09/08 09:54:12PM @the-ratman:
You guys are sounding really good, dont get to spend much time here but glad I stopped by. Very good listen. Love the guitar, very sweet. The RatMan!
03/09/08 08:52:12PM @henry-tarnecky:
Very nice track Nigel's genuine vocal and lyrical song writing skills... and Gary did a great job of putting together the whole muscial package. Sounds really great...!!!
03/09/08 12:43:12PM @ab1:
awesome beat gary.. cool nigel could put vocals to this.. not that easy.. all these complex beats and harmonies.. man you have mixed him hot.. on the high notes it's loud.. nice lyrics that really fit with the ambience of your excellent funky house like beat.. like that beat a whole bunch gary.. and your solo is way subtle and tasty.. also fits your music and nigel's vocal style.. introspective.. not over the top.. this is a really fine collab and strong song brothers.. favorites list.. cheers..
03/09/08 12:03:07PM @bri-an:
ouuu i like this..slow up gradually..into a beauty of an resolve...Excellent guitar playing! Paitence pays off it volumes here!!
the latter part of this toon just unfolds perfectly! Great vocals by nigel! really diggin this ! woooo ya great job Gary and Nigel!

Farrell Jackson
03/09/08 11:47:23AM @farrell-jackson:
Good collab guys! It's sort of ambient in nature but Nigel's fine vox pulls it out of that ambient trough. Gary's excellent guitar work propells the song into a fine rockin' finish. Well done!


03/09/08 11:05:46AM @test200:
hey guys, I'm diggin the contrast of atmosphere, the soft key against the arp..excellent. cool emotion of Nigel on top of this backdrop. Adding the guitar groove took it up a notch, ya! great lead play to be expected..
..emotional, mellow..but rocks, theres a combination..

Doctor C
03/10/08 08:57:49AM @doctor-c:
This is one heck of a song and an awesome collaboration, gentlemen! Gary your performance is impressive as always, and Nigel's voice fits with the whole atmosphere perfectly. Excellent mix and production!!! Very cool.


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