Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

Gary Carciello / Nigel Potter - Cold As Ice

genre: Progressive Rock
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Music by Gary Carciello Vocals & Lyrics by Nigel Potter
Gary Carciello / Nigel Potter - Cold As Ice
06/11/20 10:53:47PM @moquinn:
comments dated back to 2008 ~ Wow!
what an amazing listen ~ great collaboration gentlemen
just happened to "stumble" upon this gem doing a song/musician search
I have been a fan of Nigel's for years ~ he has such a unique & almost haunting voice....this song drew me in & I could not leave

11/11/10 11:21:23AM @cooter:
Wow! Amazing.

I'm a big Nigel fan, Gary. You two work so nicely together on this tune. This is beautifully done.

Musically - to my ears - this is unique and interesting at every turn. Nigel's voice and lyric writing is always so engaging.

As of this moment, I am a Carciello fan, to.


10/25/08 12:14:01PM @jelly:




04/24/08 09:48:35AM @brian-mattson:
Very well conceived collab. Lots of tension and interest building throughout. Congrats on the great emotional perormance from you both. I have to say that Gary's guitar solo was what pushes this over the top. Nigel, you set him up with your fantastic, brooding vocals ... WOW!!! Two of my favorite musicians! Thanks for the download.
sly puppy
04/16/08 06:11:48AM @emocion:
Slow to kick in but then those drums are so crisp !
Mr.Potter on vocals......dreamy.
Synths creating quite some atmospheric.Guitar dark and gritty progresions nicely done and performed immacualtely.
Powerful song and Nigels vocals are soaring here ....touch of the echo treatment working so so well.
Solo coming in:nicely done.

A very solid track.


04/15/08 07:07:34AM @henry-tarnecky:
OOOH...some very expansive prog thinking behind this one... Nigels vocals ride the edge and cut through generating great vibes that are equally matched by some beautiful and haunting expressive guitar work by Gary. Very nicely done guys.
04/15/08 04:13:41AM @ab1:
awesome beatz gary.. you guys sound great here together.. great vocals nigel.. like the pic too..
your wife gary?.. :-) love that sub bass.. and the
heavy verb lead tone is lovely.. great solo gary..
cheers gents..

04/15/08 12:28:45AM @test4454:
Wow, there's a lot of cool stuff going on here. Awesome collaboration creation fellas! Great tone on that lead guitar! Enjoyed this tune - thanks for sharing ; )) Cheers, Bob
04/14/08 11:43:41PM @tcp:
Almost a decadent feel to this very slinky and wonderful song. The song crawls along beautifully with Nigel's wonderful vox over Gary's rhythmic chord progressions...some cool chord changes. Lead guitar sounds so sweet and the drums work well to capture the mood of the are both sounding great. This is a great combo on a equally great song. Bravo...Blake
Rob Grant
04/14/08 10:06:25AM @rayon-vert:
STUNNING!!! Two of my favorites collabing to perfection IMHO !!! This is very eerie, haunting, and mystical from the the synths, the vox and the guitars....LOVED IT!!

04/14/08 01:07:54AM @self-tort:
Great combination of talents in here. It's a very brooding song which Nigel's vocals suit down to the ground. There are some interesting chord changes that increase the dark atmosphere. Very eerie synth sounds and Gary's unrelenting rhythm guitar really build up the tension in this track. Beautifully structured solo from Gary. Great work, guys.



The RatMan
04/13/08 10:07:12PM @the-ratman:
Yopu have some good things going on here, your vox is extreme,this is really a good song but something is missing or should be deleted, I'll have to listen a few times to figure what it it, but I do like. The RatMan!
04/13/08 03:17:29PM @loren:
this is a combination that would be difficult to beat. i have heard thousands of songs, but nothing like this. dark, foreboding song with a pulsating, driving beat and a great performance with lyrics, vocals and that stratospheric guitar.
04/13/08 02:50:00PM @mike-s:
Very good listen, with some lovely lovely unexpected chord changes. A lovely resonance to the whole track. Great understated, classy soloing and a voice with a lot of character! Thanks for the download guys - will be much enjoyed.
04/13/08 05:22:19PM @richard-john:
Really enjoyed this track. A contempory feel in there. Touches of Radiohead in the dark chord changes. Pulsating heavy and hypnotic. Good stuff.

04/13/08 09:38:15AM @dazed:
Nice ride on this tune. Love the guitar work. Solos are just killer. A little Gilmour is heard here. Vocals and lyrics are very good. Nice job Nigel and Gary. Definitely a great listen.


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