Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

Black Rain

genre: Progressive Rock
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Gary Carciello : All instruments,production and composer.
Black Rain
04/24/08 08:57:57AM @brian-mattson:
Excellent composition Gary. The bass and drums are just so solid, you have more than a strong backing to play with. Your guitar work is just a joy to listen to!!!!
04/21/08 02:04:47PM @shane:
FLIP !!!!! Gary, i love this to the max. -- !!!!!!!!!!!!

i got a thousand words about how cool this is and how much i admire it, all trying to come out of my mouth at once.

The Progressions !!!!,, the Guitar talent !!!! the production !!!!! The arps and choices of synth voices and arrangements !!!!!!! --- and etc etc etc etc. you da man !!

Farrell Jackson
04/21/08 12:37:51PM @farrell-jackson:
Nice composition and construction Gary. Lot's going on with synths and guitars to keep my interest. I love those Gary signature slide ups during the solo!


Doctor C
04/21/08 07:17:38PM @doctor-c:
Great composition! Both solos are absolutely wonderful. Smokin. Superb job on synths. Fabulous mix and production. This is a model of a prog rock instrumental piece.
04/21/08 09:28:03AM @tcp:
Just love your guitar Gary...awesome. Your use of synths and lead guitar are just wonderful. Great rhythm and bass help propel this song quickly. Excellent songwriting too. Well thought out and played. Kudos my friend..Blake


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