Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

Carciello / Ralston / Doctor C - Kick In The Guts

genre: Classic Rock
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Gary Carciello : Composer,gtrs,bass,mix & master. Brian Ralston : Vocals,lyrics and composer. Doctor C : Hammonds & Moog.
Carciello / Ralston / Doctor C - Kick In The Guts
05/17/08 01:43:41PM @henry-tarnecky:
Wonderful stuff.. just top notch energy packed track... guitar, right on drums, bass, keys and Brians lyrics/vocals work absolutely perfectly. Brian.. man I gotta say your delivery is just so strong and cutting... loved it... Gary and Doc.. super leads guys ....just great... has it all!!
05/16/08 06:40:05PM @lazy-mouse:
Very cool, laid back groove, underpinning an excellent tune. Powerful vocals, great playing and pro production. Pretty good really!!!
Richard John

05/14/08 10:09:33AM @brian-mattson:
Fine work guys! Vocals are outstanding with excellent songwriting throughout! Yeah keys and guitar are stellar! Man it just doesn't get any better than this. You really ripped this one! Congrats to all!
Grumpy Old Player
05/14/08 07:19:21AM @thedonsterproject:
There is not one part of this tune that isn't stellar. The guitar playing is (as always) of the highest caliber.

The keys sound great and give the song a maturity that you just can't get without them.

Tort - great voice and performance!

Big props to you guys for this one!

05/13/08 11:42:13AM @tcp:
It all moves so smoothly and tightly. One of the things that pops out instantly is Brian's vocals are just so spot on (in every respect). Gary's guitars are exemplary..tasteful, and so well focused. Doc's keyboards never ever disappoint. And the song writing is top notch. Drum track perfect. Hey now....killer song??? YUP! Wow's all top shelf. Congratulations everyone ~Blake
05/13/08 01:24:19AM @ab1:
I really like the singing and the solos.. the staccato keys solo was killer doc followed by some real guitar magic from gary.. only missin rob's bass.. who did the drums this time? sounding good.. cheers fellas..
05/13/08 01:18:54AM @tlt50:
Damn'''''''''' you guys !! One of the best songs I've heard ! Tightness,musicianship,conviction,groove and production !!! A masterful collab of the highest degree .... ! Gary....perfect injection of great guitar work,DrC one of your best pieces of inspirational keyboard mastery...............Brian(SelfTort) put the icing on the magical musical journey.!!! I take my hat off, to you , exceptional music makers !! Bravo !!!!!!!!!1

Larry T *****

05/13/08 12:23:10AM @buddrumming:
Killer....Love it...nice grove....nice vocals...awesome my vote I am a big Fan....:) Thx, Bud
05/13/08 12:01:03AM @les-beasley:
Farrell Jackson
05/12/08 09:51:23PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey guys this is great! Lots and lots to listen at and to keep the audience's interest! Great job on the melody, lead and harmony vox Brian! Gary you are smokin' that guitar tone and DrC the keys give the song just that bit of extra to push it over the top! Well done gentlemen.


05/12/08 08:43:39PM @dazed:
Nice job guys. Vocals and lyrics are awesome! Also really digging the keys and guitar work. Gary your guitar playing is amazing.
09/21/08 11:36:26AM @terry-ponder:
This is just friggin Awesome, Great song, right up my alley. I love the vocals and the lyrics are Great. just Fantastic


Terry Ponder


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