Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

Carciello / Self Tort / Doctor C - Comfort Zone

genre: Classic Rock
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Gary Carciello : Gtr,bass,drums and original composer.Doctor C : Keys,arrangement and mix & master.Brian Ralston : Vocals,lyrics and composer.
Carciello / Self Tort / Doctor C - Comfort Zone
11/11/10 11:12:20AM @cooter:
Great tune, Carciello, Self Tort, and Dr C.

Well written, and the musicianship is amazing. Your guitar work, bass playing, and drumming, are so nicely completed by Doc's wonderful - as always - key work. Brian vocals are right in the pocket. What a great listen!


08/09/08 10:08:21AM @mike-kohlgraf:
It's RADIO READY for sure. Tune in tonight! :)


08/07/08 02:03:33PM @michael-styron:
I heard this 1 yesterday I think this is well written , Played Great , And Radio Ready Nice job guys !
Farrell Jackson
08/06/08 11:02:49AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey guys nice roadhouse blues boogie! Great vocals and lyric work Brian! Gary, I like the up front, slightly driven solo. The tone must be coming from the new Peavey Delta Blues amp, good sound. Cool organ DrC! Great collab. guys, nice and tight! It brings to mind the phrase "I woke up this mornin' and got myself a beer", lol! Enjoyed it!


08/06/08 09:56:43AM @tcp:
great blues tune guys. Solid in every way from the songwriting to Brian's always super vox delivery and lyrics, Doc's keys, and Gary's guitar. ~Blake
08/06/08 08:45:56AM @dazed:
very cool tune guys. love the chorus on here since it is a memorable hook. You guys write so well together. You can't ask for a better musical lineup. Love the solos on here! All are fantastic as are the vox :)

Well written tune guys!

08/05/08 06:45:33AM @am-pm:
A straight up classic rock approach. It did work out well. Aint it just a pleasure when a collab turns out cohesive and with a whole feel.

Funny ..I have a track called The Comfort Zone aqnd its completely in a different avenue



08/04/08 06:42:16AM @shane:
Hey bro 's - hands up for Self Tort ,, Doc, and Gary !!!!
This track really generates a atmosphere. - its like a time machine taking me somewhere.

It's great to hear you guys doin this jam !!!
Nice work --

Rob Grant
08/03/08 07:19:43PM @rayon-vert:
Classic pumpin' bluesy track, Gary.......nice groove!!! Great vox, Brian......sung from the "gut" :-) Hey Doc....Your organ ROCKS!!!..hehehehehehehee...Keys!!!!, DOC!!!.......Great Job, Guys!!!

08/06/08 05:49:31AM @self-tort:
Hey Gary and Doc and those who have listened to this track. Sorry I've been absent of late.....have some personal family issues that are taking most of my time these days.

But I've got to say that I am loving collabing with Doc and Gary. There seems to be some sense of sympatico going on. When Gary sent the backing track I got the focus for the lyrics on the first run through....sorry it took a while to flush them out fully.

This makes three tracks that I am really proud to have been involved with and hope we can get a full CD of similar quality in the foreseeable future.



09/15/08 04:11:56AM @ab1:
I'm missin a few from you.. gary you know all the pages you guys have.. and here they on your page.. but i know that's tort on the lead.. is he singin his own harmony (or is that farrell).. the lyrics are awesome.. brian you have hit a lyrical stride here that's irresistable.. listening and hangin on every word and turn of phrase.. came to hear you play gary.. and here you are bringin some of the funkiest and awesome toned blues surprise i've heard in years.. brother didn't know you could play blues so fine.. a rock god yes.. progressive yes.. but blues? gary that was an awesome solo dude.. i can't go without sayin how brilliant Doc's solo was too.. the tone on that hammond man.. awesomeness.. loved your phrasing and lines Doc.. i'm a keyboard lover.. always trying to sound like sax of keys man.. lol.. thanks gary.. thanks band of gypsies.. you guys were rockin big time and very pro sounding on this outing.. :-)
09/17/08 02:43:23PM @chrickon:
Great bluesy rocker! Great vocals and organ, i like the lead parts esp. Gary your playing is soo tasty! love the tone! Excellent performance by all.
Great listen!!


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