Gary Carciello
Gary Carciello

Gary Carciello & Doctor C - Majesty

genre: Neo-Classical
streams: 127

  Song Information
Composed and produced by Gary Carciello All keyboards Doctor C
Gary Carciello & Doctor C - Majesty
Doctor C
12/13/12 11:21:26PM @doctor-c:
Thank you Gary for letting me be a part of this magnificent composition. Proud to know you, my friend.
12/13/12 10:09:29PM @gene-smith:
OK I can sum up this tune in two words, "Totally toe curling freaking AMAZING!" (OK that was five but who cares?).

Gary C and Doctor C, I think I need to change my name to DaddyRabbit C maybe thet will help? Nahhh!

ROCKING tune here folks!


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