George Shepherd
George Shepherd

I'll Hang Around

album: George and Mike Nunley
genre: Pop
streams: 1,599

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Ive been runnin away from love all my life Ive been takin the easy way out in case I might Get all tangled up in love and get tied down Before I let myself...
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Focus Player: Brilliant singing and phenom lyric. Ray Cooper-style percussion George Shepherd: Taylor 414 CE, Carvin CT6m, Fender Jazz Bass.
I'll Hang Around
10/20/19 11:21:15PM @michael-nunley:
Thank you for sharing this on FaceBook again . I think it's one of my best lyric and your guitar work is just fantastic. Makes me smile to remember building this with you George !
02/07/08 11:07:08AM @michael-nunley:
Just stopped by to tell you that this tune is STILL one of my fav collaberations - and that I still send people over to hear it.. Thanks for letting me work with it.
12/21/07 07:19:34AM @jasonwramsay:
love the guitar at the start , nice song
11/18/07 10:10:04PM @lex-zaleta:
No way you can lose with this match of talent ... super guitar work and vocals that match it note for note. Two artists at the top of their game, and we get to enjoy every moment of their fruitful labor. The well-crafted lyrics are icing on this majestic cake.
11/15/06 05:02:29AM @robert-smith:
This is special!
07/05/06 09:30:09PM @michael-nunley:
This was SUCH fun to do !

Thanks, all , for the kind words-
George- Thank YOU for sending me this to work on !


07/02/06 04:14:26AM @chrickon:
Great song and great work with both guitars and vocals ! Enjoyed listening.
07/01/06 09:55:07PM @dazed:

Great job George this is excellent. Acoustic sounds great and that is some stellar playing on the intro segment.

Wow - Vox as well! Nicely done FP they sound great.

Excellent job guys this is beautiful track!


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