George Shepherd
George Shepherd

Last Ovation Standing

album: Gone Acoustic
genre: Acoustic
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2008 Ovation 2771 LX. Makes you wanna play this way.
Last Ovation Standing
05/29/14 04:35:19PM @bustert:
09/17/10 07:01:26PM @allenv:
This is great music and guitar George...very good and inspiring!

08/16/10 01:05:21PM @josephrodz:
You play like born with the guitar in your hands,great talent and sound,makes me dance and brake my guitar(lol).
keep rockin.

05/31/10 04:08:51PM @chris-hall:
Bloody brilliant playing! I love the sound you are getting here. How long you been playing? You sound like you have been playing since you were like 2 haha
Awesome track man


01/31/10 11:20:28AM @dazed:
This is absolutely brilliant George! Wow!! I am blown away by how awesome this sounds. The tones are bright and crisp. Your playing is simply superb. Thanks for the great listen!
05/31/09 10:07:59PM @vesa:
Man how I love that guitar playing...just what I need one Sunday late evening...been a little while, I'm totyally inspired, fast fingers on the acoustic, really genuinely great, EXPRESSIVELY must have vaseline on your nylon strings,(just kidding) Like the complimenting guitar...this is SUPERB George...good sound levels. WONDERFUL...Its in my faves, another round & listen later...pick up some of your licks.
You are one of the finest guitarists I've heard here.
Great! Got it...I've got my ears glued to the speakers, er sorry, my best heaqdset, so I can hear all the subtlties. So, so good. Fantastic! Expressive!
-Your amigo from the north. -Vesa, Glad I came by.

02/06/09 12:33:49PM @mark-reed:
This is excellent, great tone on both guitars. Sweet accompaniment and some very tasty lead lines. Quality piece and a super performance well done enjoyed this
04/19/12 07:14:17PM @tcss:
Man you know how to play!


02/06/10 12:17:10PM @soundtrapper:
inspiring work.I admire your musicianship.The sound is flawless.


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