George Shepherd
George Shepherd

Mediterranean Deli

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genre: Acoustic
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Well, "Mediterranean Sundance" was already taken. So "Mediterranean Deli" is it-- celebrating a local Chapel Hill Restaraunt.Taylor 414 CE
Mediterranean Deli
07/20/10 11:56:25AM @mark-reed:
Another very sweet acoustic piece, I like them like this, free and easy on the ear. Once again a great piece of music with depth and a super performance well done
Michael Yablonski
11/18/07 10:11:30PM @michael-yablonski:
Oh Yeah, How did I miss this one? Great song, nice flowing melodies. Nice clear tone, Classic GeorgeShep!
09/11/07 07:10:57PM @dazed:
nice playing George. I think Billy Joel had a line regarding an italian restaurant so you are in good company :mrgreen:

love your style!

09/07/07 06:44:44AM @robert-smith:
Wonderful sound and playing!
09/05/07 07:57:21AM @bluesydude:
Very nice. Love to hear your work. The joy always comes through. Thank you for sharing your talents. God bless.
09/05/07 07:46:05AM @michael-nunley:
Love it.
Do they serve breakfast?
If not, I wanna have lunch there when I get up to see you.

This was a nice start to my morning.


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