Would You?

genre: Ballad
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  Song Lyrics
Would You?Verse 1Would you tell me the things that I want to hear?Would you say it softly whispered in my ear?Would you say things that I already knew.Do you...
Would You?
02/26/09 11:20:27PM @mike-lynn:
Nice track. Very good rock ballad sound and the guitar is especially attractive.
02/26/09 12:39:13PM @slowmarchingband:
Well done! Loved the acoustic playing and your voice fit very well.
Lyrical Princess
02/26/09 11:01:29AM @lyrical-princess:
Really liked the intro to this song.. And how smoothly everything followed.. Great lyrics & vocals...All The Best, lonesome princess
02/26/09 08:19:30AM @mark-reed:
This is a very nice track, on first listen I thought it was part of the mixp vocal challenge. I liked the backing to this, well worked and a great support for your vocal line. good track well done


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