viXen(SonicSeducer) v.2.0

album: viXen(SonicSeducer) E.P.
genre: Darkwave
streams: 250
purchase: mp3, 10.7MB, 00:04:40
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I believe it is some of my best work to date and far exceeds the Demo Version I have up now.  Any feed back on it and I would be eternally grateful.  it has...
viXen(SonicSeducer) v.2.0
Incarnate Word
09/11/09 01:30:10AM @incarnate-word:
I really love the arrangement on this peice. you get my attention from the start and then you push me into a drifting motion and slap me in the face. oh yea I love it. Fantastic rythem, it stays intresting through out. reminds me of a dark dream. Great Job.
09/08/09 02:46:57PM @n0mad23:
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks on the site. The density of the music, combined with how you keep it from getting muddy is amazing. Truly a piece of "sonic seduction."
06/16/09 12:01:43PM @mark-reed:
Thought I recognized this, reviewed the demo version a couple of days back. Mix is clean and the music has a haunting quality. It certainly grooves. good work
06/19/09 03:49:46PM @austn:
Great Mplants of sonic resonation build N2 the groov, & progression of that overwhelming arpeggio pattern that develops 2 Stablish a tonal structure 2 Electrify off of and launch from...under percs and snapping, moans and groans done sooooeffectively....very tasty...the FX on the FE-voice R Nchanting...ThanX 4 sharing and letting me listN...~Austn
06/17/09 09:05:02AM @dazed:
Mix sounds great. Very clear and solid lows and highs. I really like the sound of this one. Good job on the tune!
08/07/09 10:50:25AM @david-c-deal:
Very nice production on this song Lindsay. Your spoken words toward then end jump out at you. Excellent industrial.
David c Deal

08/09/09 05:46:57PM @gordon-leed:
Thanks for your review lindsey...this is an excellent piece of work. I am really lost in it...excellent mix and vocal adds...as Mark said, A sort of haunting quality...Gordon


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