Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter

My Old Guitar Is Slowly Dying

album: single
genre: Country
streams: 32

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My old guitar is slowly dying. Had to restore some little but very important things like the bridge and one of the tuning mechanisms using superglue - it'll...
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Acoustic Instrumental recorded 4 4 2013.
My Old Guitar Is Slowly Dying
10/11/13 07:42:13AM @josephrodz:
Great and neat guitar sound!
10/10/13 06:53:23PM @gene-smith:
Like a fine wine my friend, like a fine wine... sigh Absolutely beautiful!
Doctor C
10/09/13 10:34:29PM @doctor-c:
I don't know how your old guitar sounded when it was not old, but it sounds perfect now. And the musicianship... well, it's beyond perfect, it's heavenly. Thank you for uploading this.
10/09/13 07:22:22PM @mach:
Love that long and emotional intro. Then the main melody kicks in and WOW! Great artistic playing, beautiful tone & phrasing to die for...Great Job!



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