Bad Blood

album: Feel The Sting
genre: Rock
streams: 175

Bad Blood
12/26/08 01:28:29PM @mark-reed:
Starts like a rocket and keeps driving, cracking number, brilliant all round instrumentals and a superb vocal. You are one hell of a good band. excellent number well done
Rob Grant
06/20/08 12:04:53PM @rayon-vert:
WHEW!!! DRIVE!!! Being an old Judas Priest Fan.....This is slaying me. From start to finish, it KICKS!!! Each player knocks me out..........bass player is doing wild runs, yet keeps a solid driving bottom, drummer ripping awesome fills, with driving beat....vox are super and guitars are killer!! GREAT JOB!!

06/19/08 09:15:32PM @mike-kohlgraf:
What a rockin' track! Words fail me, because it's just perfect all the way! Great rocker with some great vocals and guitars! Awesome drum sound as well!
06/18/08 12:12:02PM @shane:
COOL !!!! - i clicked on the track, having never heard anything from you before- and yeah. My reactions, as follows:. The guitar sound was the first thing that caught and held my attention. Pro sound there !! i never can achieve that sound no matter how hard i try.

The vocal sounds great- reminds of of Gedde Lee style.

Tons more to say about how good this sounds,, but heck,, you guys know your good already i expect.
all the best
shane- love the track. and ,, Feel the sting ,, was really lovin the sound,, and ,,, wo ,, its only a short sample. Boo Hoo.

06/18/08 08:21:06AM @dazed:
Solid rocker! Everything sounds great. You are probably going to want to smack me for this but on this mix I think the vocals need to come up a bit. I am listening with headphones though. There is some fine guitar work going on that is stepping on the vox a bit to me. And with vocals like that, I would want them in the spotlight!

Great jam on this song. Love the vocals and guitar work!


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