Hellz Abyss
Hellz Abyss
Hellz Abyss


album: The Abyss
genre: RMA2013
streams: 125

01/23/14 11:20:21PM @tlt50:
Dazz.....they don't let me out much anymore...LOL. Pristine,hi class quality... chillin' bass groove, dynamite drums...The guitar work fantastic. Major kudos.....brilliant production ,awesome track... :),


2012 BC
01/04/14 08:43:18PM @2012-bc:
This is an outstanding track...production is top-notch....what a KILLER drum sound...we gotta talk brother!
12/31/13 11:38:48PM @david-c-deal:
This song has a great full feel throughout all of the changes. Great balance between instruments that makes it all flow like power butter.
12/11/13 11:52:47PM @gordoncole:
wow....slow groove Satriani style....smoldering.....ethereal.....nice!
11/06/13 03:52:59AM @hellz-abyss:
thanks guys for the nice comments!!
Lyrical Princess
11/05/13 10:59:50PM @lyrical-princess:
And SOTW goes to (drum roll) The Abyss.. Congratulations!!! :)
11/05/13 06:27:26PM @dj-waper:
This track is simply amazing! I dig the guitar... well deserved to be awarded for song of the week. Congrats!
11/02/13 03:17:01PM @gene-smith:
Congrats on SOTW Abysss this track is very deserving!
Lyrical Princess
10/31/13 03:34:07AM @lyrical-princess:
Hi.. I just realized I was spelling your name incorrectly in the chat. My apologies. My curiosity was getting the better of me. Sooo, I decided to come check out this song now, rather than wait for the next show. I've really enjoyed listening to "Dusk".. I'm glad I did to. It's a Beautiful piece of work...

Again, it was nice meeting you in chat. Welcome to the Mix.

All The Best,


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