John Frederick
John Frederick

Where Ever You Are

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An Instrumental Orchestrated song featuring the Koto
Where Ever You Are
09/10/20 10:27:46PM @moquinn:
@john-frederick exactly what @carol-sue & @thedicklayman expressed in previous comments ~ wonderfully soothing song ~ at times, we just need to be soothed.....this will do it

09/10/20 08:43:43PM @thedicklayman:
Hi John
Such a chilled relaxing song. I always listen to music like this to bring me back down. Really nice work!

carol sue
09/09/20 07:49:43PM @carol-sue:
Hi there, John!
So nice to see you around again, it's been a while.
Hope life is treating you well. Crazy world these days, isn't it. ::sigh::
A lovely piece of music you have created.. rather, settles my soul.


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