Justin Jones Band
Justin Jones Band

Feel Better

album: In Heaven
genre: Classic Rock
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Feel Better
Incarnate Word
03/18/10 12:38:53AM @incarnate-word:
oh man the guitar is killer on this. a little Judas in here. Great classic Rock man. great production and killer arrangement. Lyrics are great you are spot on with the classic rock ballad era. Great Job
The Rascal Theorist
02/25/10 09:10:58AM @the-rascal-theory:
JJ i just heard this on MixRadio...this is f***n amazing bro..wow..the guitars were rockin and that beat had us (me n kiddies lol) dancin this morning..what a way to start the day!
05/17/09 12:54:23PM @avalanche:
Howdy Justin...

This is a rocker. Lots of hooks. Nice guitar tones. I'd like to hear those vocals better, though...you sing great....so get them out front more. (Nice guitar solos, BTW)

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

Burning Red Sun
05/06/09 08:13:55PM @burning-red-sun:
Very Groovy feel to this track....keep up the good work...Ken
Farrell Jackson
04/18/10 10:57:13AM @farrell-jackson:
Turn it up JJ! You're making Billy Idol jealous on this one. I dig that chorus melody, it's got that "make me listen and remember" hook to it. Great classic sound with Feel Better Justin!


02/25/09 06:31:13AM @the-autumleaf:
Solid Rock Number......Lovely Riff and solid Punchin Rhythm...Classic Rock as it meant to be
Jay from The Autumnleaf

02/21/09 10:41:18AM @jelly:
Another awesome song!

Great Work my friend!


01/26/09 09:21:53PM @buddrumming:
Good One Justin...you are on the right track....good lyrics on this tune....your a balls out classic rocker I think...Thx, Bud
12/17/09 07:40:01PM @soundtrapper:
Dig the tune-very contagious.Great vocals and guitar.-jeff
05/31/09 09:29:55PM @vesa:
I feel better already listening to this great guitar artistry. Like the progression, sounds all so fine on my best, & only best headsets; want to always catch every subtle texture. Your vocals are solid, good range, fine tone. Like the way the guitar just flows along with your singing on the right side & you on the left, & some neat panning...tasteful playing, fine fast fingering sends shivers up my spine; well done lad. UPLIFTING- Inspiring, -like that pause, space is an instrument & glad you know it; use it well, indeed. btw fine lyrics. A well arranged tune. The guitar just comes in & out at the right places...nice fade away. EXCELLENT. Love it. Into my faves. Worth more listens. Thanks for the pleasure my friend.
-Your amigo from the land-up-over. -Vesa.


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