Heart Song featuring Isa Conar

album: Kara
genre: Ballad
streams: 163

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Spirit takes you upBetween the notesBetween the soundsYou will find it floatingIn the clouds all aroundPeace and love will find youLoveLove abounds Peace...
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Heart Song featuring Isa Conar
09/21/20 11:49:34AM @jimsae:
Kerrin and Isa, thank you for this.
08/20/20 10:18:57AM @lodato:
Lovely music. So calming and musical.
Lyrical Princess
07/15/13 07:55:28PM @lyrical-princess:
Smooth lovely vocals that flow so smoothly with the addition of music & lyric. Not sure who did what.. But you all did a Wonderful job.. Great collaboration.. Peace & Love to you all.

All The Best,

07/15/13 07:26:18PM @digger-stone:
The words are are wonderful... The music is fantastic!

Digger be digging this you guys! well done by all involved!
I know i'll be hearing this in the shows around here and looking foreword to it!

That was really great...


07/15/13 04:02:19PM @the-truevulgarians:
Hard to argue with "Peace and Love"! Very nicely done tune here Kara and as usual, Isa Conar is wonderful on this! Has a nice airy feel to it, if that's the right word to describe the vibe. Great production on this as well...
07/15/13 09:55:35AM @gene-smith:
Very nice, the Rabbit likes this! I especially love the lyrics, who wrote them I wonder?

Great work you three!


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