A Song For The Dead

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genre: Classical
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A Song For The Dead
03/29/15 04:40:48PM @kara:
From the heart is where it all comes from TV :)
03/29/15 01:33:24PM @the-truevulgarians:
Very nice and soothing song. Was in need of such a tune today, lol. I really enjoyed this very pretty and comforting song. Where'd that come from Kerrin? hehe
03/27/15 11:53:47PM @kara:
Thank you for the reviews. I wanted something simple, light, and airy. Let the melody take hold with everything supporting it. Jim had a hand in writing this too. He added a few extra brass sounds and did a wonderful job on the mix and master. Btw Sie this was done on FL7 last year! LOL
03/27/15 05:53:56AM @elektronz:
i love tunes like this ,very soothing and that gradually increase in sound selection and intensity ...nice one kerrin :) fully enjoyed this :)
03/26/15 10:56:29PM @christopherweatherwax:
A nice slow build of piano and string piece, kind of ambient too. I like your sounds, might add a little reverb to the strings. Good job :)
Lyrical Princess
03/24/15 12:13:07PM @lyrical-princess:
This is a nice, peaceful song. I've enjoyed my listen. Good job !! :)


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